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For reasons that are yet unclear to me and I may never figure out, I reached a very low and dark place towards the end of 2018. Daily thoughts of self-destruction and all the negative thoughts that accompany such thinking where becoming overwelming. Instead of seeking out the help of a mental health professional(s) who would have taken a long time to meet with and not wanting to be prescribed more or additional medications, I began to ponder the idea of seeking out other forms of treatment for mental health issues. So, in mid December of 2018, I read an article in the local newspaper, The Chronicle-Herald about an alternative treatment for depression with a 'new' service/business that just opened up in Halifax, Verity Vale Hypnotherapy. After doing some research on 'hypnotherapy" and checking out Verity's website, www.verityvalehypnotherapy.com, I contacted Verity via phone and arranged for a free consultation during which time she asked me many questions and I asked her many questions to help determine if her therapy would be a good choice of treatment for me. She also explained; very thoroughly, how hypnotherapy works. So, we both made the decision that I most likely would benefit from hypotherapy and so I began treatment that lasted for about 2 months with weekly sessions lasting an hour. After recently completing my therapy, I can now state that this has been the most effective treatment that I have ever undertaken and would at least, get in touch with Verity for a consultation if you have any doubts as to the benefits of hypnotherapy treatment. Verity really does give one the tools to be able to manage one's perspective on life and uses a most cheerful, positive and thorough approach. There are several keys things that I have gained from the therapy with one of the most important being able to; at least most of the time, remain calm and relaxed with respect to my way of thinking and the way I see things. I wish I had been exposed to hypnotherapy treatment many years ago and even back in my teenage years as I believe my life would have been fuller and happier over the years. I really believe this is something that should be offered in schools as I know there are many young students who are out there suffering in silence with depression and/or other mental issues and the longer one waits to get treatment, the more difficult it becomes to deal with those issues and over time the issues just keep getting bigger.


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