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Sleep and 'speaking whale'.

Hello Hypnochums of Halifax and beyond!


Oooo sleep! I'm sure you know what a difference it makes to your day when you wake up after an awesome nights sleep. I love those days! But what is happening in sleep? Why is it so important? How can we help ourselves to sleep better? Read on....

There are different phases of sleep that we cycle through through the night that are traditionally broken into two categories non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM). The difference is as it sounds - in one cycle your eyes move and in the other, they don't!! But don't worry too much about the science! All phases of sleep are useful both physically and mentally.

Phases of sleep

Wake - Time before you sleep and sometimes periods between the cycles in the night - totally normal by the way!

Light Sleep - the start of the sleep cycle and the bit that joins the deeper phases together. You may experience jerkiness as the muscles relax, your heart rate will decrease, breathing will slow down, your body temperature will drop.

Deep Sleep - This is the physically rejuvenating stage that promotes muscle growth and repair and removes the waste from your brain.

REM Sleep - This is when your brain sorts out the days events, problem solves, consolidates learning and your mind re-energizes. This is also when the brain waves are similar to that when you're in Hypnosis - which is partly why Hypnosis is so awesome.

In brief, here are some of the benefits of sleep:

Reduces stress

Reduces Inflammation

Makes you more alert

May help prevent cancer and heart attacks

Improves memory

May help you lose weight

May reduce depression

Allows the body to repair

If you want to know more about why sleep is so good for us check out the book 'Why we sleep' by Neuroscientist Matthew Walker. This is a well referred to book by many experts and is very helpful. I have it on audiobook so I can listen to it whilst walking in nature, thus combining a few of the list of 17 great things to help yourself (learning, nature, exercise) See blog dated 23rd March.

Walker's tips for getting a good nights sleep:

-Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day

-Keep your bedroom temperature cool - around 18 degrees C (wear socks if you get cold feet)

-In the run up to bed time lower lighting, turn off screens

-avoid caffeine after 1 O'clock

-avoid alcohol - It messes with the REM phase of your sleep

-if you cannot sleep, get up and do something quiet and relaxing until the urge to sleep comes back

On that note... Off for a nap - (which apparently makes you smarter!)

Oh but before I go...

Would you rather be able to speak whale or read babies minds?


On one hand speaking whale would be cool as you could communicate and learn so much about the ocean and tell whales how they can stay safer and avoid people trying to hunt them etc. If it was a unique skill that only you had it could help you travel all over the world to help Marine Biologists in their work - pretty cool too.

On the other hand, I imagine reading babies mind would be useful to a parent as they could help to soothe the baby and provide it with what it needs etc. What wouldn't be cool is to know what a baby is thinking if it doesn't like you! 'Why are they making those stupid noises at me?' 'Can't they tell I want to learn to speak human and not goo goo ga ga, they really aren't helping'. Perhaps if you read a babies mind it still wouldn't make any sense as they might not yet think in fully formed words like most of us do.

Righto - I've decided - I'd rather learn Whale - What about you?

Credits to other sources www.news.berkley.edu, www.nicholsclinicalhypnotherapy.com, www.verywellhealth.com, www.ouraring.com

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