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That list - 17 ways to be kind to yourself and todays talking point question!

Hypnochums of Halifax and beyond - Good day to you.

Nova Scotia is now in a state of emergency with even the Provincial Parks closing down in efforts to maintain social distancing. I had intended to give you one thing a post from the above list but I think I'm going to tell you them all now so you can pick your own areas to explore and then I'll expand on each one from here on in.

Here goes: (Some may not currently be possible, but one day, they will)


















I'll expand more on each of them, but for now, you can see that most of them are still possible. They might not all be for you, they might be, but it is a starting point perhaps for you to have a think about some of the new habits we can use this time to develop and take into the future.

Today's Talking Point

Some of you may know I was/am meant to be making my way to Mount Everest Base Camp in May of this year - that may or may not happen - I don't know!

One thing I found ahead of my trip was the deck of cards in the picture - not only are they playing cards but they also all have a questions designed to start a conversation around a camp fire. I thought this was a great idea and so got myself a pack of @basecampcardco at @ecologyst_ in @whistlerblackcomb.

I figure we all have a bit more time on our hands now and might need some new topics of conversation. So, todays question is...

What is the story behind one of your scars?

I have a three inch crescent scar on my left inner knee area - The how - It wasn't big, it wasn't clever and it was really a bit silly!! As a teenager I used to like to rearrange my bedroom every Sunday whilst listening to the top 40 chart show waiting for my favourite songs to play so I could press record on my tape player (you do the math!!) One such Sunday I had a box of things and there was an unframed, broken mirror poking out of the top. As I was jumping over my bed and box to press record I dragged my left leg and it scraped all along the broken edge of the mirror. See, told you it wasn't big or clever!!!

Feel free to drop me a message with your story!!

Stay safe, be kind and be sensible.


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