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More Podcasts to fill some time; What Hypnotherapy is and how it helps and Why we should have goals!

Links to two more podcasts - just in case you need to fill some time!!!

I got together with Ruth of the Podcast Optimistically depressed TWICE!!

In episode 51 we discussed Hypnotherapy and what it really is and how it can help - worth a listen if you'd like to know more about it!

In episode 72 we talk about my upcoming trip to Mount Everest Base Camp, my prep and why it's good to have goals. We also talk about the 17 ways you can give help yourself, look after yourself and be kind to yourself. I intend to write some separate blogs about each of these as I think, right now, we could all do with a few ideas to make ourselves feel better!!!

Stay safe Hypnochums

Verity V


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