Halifax, Coronovirus, Anxiety, Hypnotherapy and the positives to be found.

March 20, 2020

As Coronovirus sweeps the world we, in Halifax Nova Scotia, are no longer waiting. With a number of presumed and confirmed cases, much social isolation and with our schools and many businesses having now closed down we are very much involved and I am pleased to say for the most part, doing our bit! Well done Haligonians and Nova Scotians!


I am one of the small businesses who has had to close my doors to my clients. Bearing in mind the type of work I do and the undeniable anxiety that Coronovirus is causing people it is a sad time to be unable to help. So, I thought, What can I do? Well, at least write something that may be of use to people and give a few hints and tips in this time.


I've decided to try to write every other day, maybe every day - I don't want to run out of things to say too soon!! I'm going to write about two things each post. One will focus on a list of things we can do to help ourselves stay strong of mind and well during this time, the other will be a question which can help to think of new conversation points between you and your loved ones!!!


For those of you who know me well know I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist which means I work with my clients to look forward to where they want to be and help them to decide what steps they might be taking to help them to realise their wonderful goals. Three things I always encourage to help them, and my own friends and family, to do is to focus on the good stuff and the positive things in life. One way to help with this is to break it down into three key areas; Positive interaction, positive activity and positive thought.


Okay, okay so interaction has somewhat been curtailed but perhaps it's time to be creative, we are lucky enough to be even more connected than we ever have been before. Use the extra time to have interactions with family and friends you may not have seen for a while. Write a letter to someone - I can personally attest to how lovely it is to receive a handwritten letter. Write to elderly relatives who may not have access to computers. Interact with those in your own home, find new ways in which to do it! Go out for walks in nice weather and talk with people - just remember to keep your distance!


Positive activity - use the time now given to you to get on with the projects you've been too busy to do, take the time to learn something new - there is no end to the information out there on how to do things! Play with the people in your own home, read, knit, turn wood.. whatever it is.. it's now the perfect opportunity for you to have some 'you' time!


Positive thought - I'll agree it is an interesting time and there are of course many realistic worries that people will have and I don't mean to discount them at all - just trying to offer some ways to help. I even found my screen time at an unprecedented high the other day as I was just moving from one information source to another trying to find out more information. Thank fully I've managed to reign it in a bit now! Do spend some time each day having a think about the positives.. it will help your mindset and help you get through this time. What are you grateful for? It can be small things too - like the squirrel, your slippers.... (two of my faves as you'll know!!!). Practice a bit of gratitude, Ok, so you're bored but look from a different perspective. You now have time


One thing I believe is it that this could have some very positive impacts. We are now so busy all the time, rushing from one thing to the other that we don't often have time to stop and smell the roses. More often than not when you ask someone 'How are you'? They will respond with 'I'm so busy', it's almost become a badge of honour to be busy. That's not to say it's not true! People ARE busy BUT this...this is going to force people to slow down, to interact with those people in their own homes and find fun new ways to fill your time or get to those projects that weigh on your mind causing you 'stress' because 'you're just too busy to get it all done'. Just think of all the things you could achieve with this extra time whilst social distancing. EVEN BETTER - what new habits could you introduce?  


We (me included) often say 'Oh I'd like to stretch, do yoga and meditate in the morning'. Well, now you're stuck inside - perfect opportunity! Let's take this time to learn some new habits that we can implement when we get back to normal and make life even better afterwards. I appreciate some of you may be at home with small ones, some may be single parents and I appreciate that will come with it's challenges, perhaps, with being able to do the above - but what about instead finding a fun activity you can do together? Something new they might like? Some bonding time?


So, for now, stay safe, be kind, respect each other.


Reach out if you have anything to ask or add.


All best Hypnochums






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Halifax, Coronovirus, Anxiety, Hypnotherapy and the positives to be found.

March 20, 2020

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