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If you want to change, I can help


Hypnotherapy can help in many ways. Emotionally, physically and with achieving goals. 







Skin conditions


Fears ad Phobias

Weight loss

Stopping smoking

Improving focus

.....and more! Get in touch for a free initial consultation for more information

Life Coaching

Life coaching is similar to hypnotherapy in so much as I help clients move towards their goals although does not utilise trance, various other analysis tools are used and it could be seen as a more accountable approach whereas the Hypnotherapy is more gentle and ideal for people who are suffering in someway.

Life coaching is more for those who may not necessarily be suffering from anything but who may feel they are lacking in direction or who have a goal but may not know how to achieve it.

Mind Massages

We all understand the benefits of a massage for our bodies and often have them as a pleasant and relaxing thing to do, even if we aren't suffering from any problems - The mind is the same! We often spend so much time thinking and rushing around that we forget to look after our minds. Think of a mind massage as maintenance for your brain.

Come in, put your feet up and allow me to relax your mind. First session is 1 hour and subsequent sessions last 45 minutes.

Corporate Wellbeing

Verity will come into your business and give a talk to teams of all sizes followed by a group relaxation session. 

Sessions can range from 1 hour to cover a working luncheon or can be tailored to suit your business requirements. 

Various packages available - contact Verity Vale Hypnotherapy for more details.

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