Who is Verity Vale?

I am Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and I work with people who want to make changes in their lives. Whether that be to work towards being free of something that’s holding them back or whether it is to work towards an aim or goal.

I qualified in 2017 from the Clifton Practice of Hypnotherapy with a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I then ran a Hypnotherapy practice in the Hampshire prior to moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 2018. Since moving to  Halifax I have qualified as a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation.

Prior to becoming a Hypnotherapist I was a Detective within Hampshire Constabulary, Latterly working on Serious and Organised Crime and alongside the Major Investigation Team.  

I have always had an interest in complementary therapies from a young age however when I joined the Police I did not have time to pursue these interests. Now, I have the opportunity to follow my calling and help others to live their lives free from fear, anxiety and depression or to help them move towards achieving the dreams and goals. 

​I attended a talk ‘how to be happy’ and it broke my heart to sit there and listen to the majority of the room score themselves less than 15 out of 35 on a happiness scale. I want to educate people and help them to learn how they can manage their minds and make the most out of their lives. I want everyone to be free from the confines of their minds and I have the tools to help you do that!  

I have suffered with anxiety, worry, and confidence issues over the years but I am happy to say that learning about the mind, how it works and how we can help ourselves has been life changing! I’m definitely better off and no longer a worrywart - more of a positive possum!

I enjoy being outside, hiking, swimming and riding my bike. I also love a good fire and book under a big blanket! I love learning new things, so if you've any suggestions get in touch!  I live with my Husband Rob (CGH - Clever Good Husband!) and my rabbit - ‘White Rabbit’


902 402 8444

Dartmouth South Medical Cetnre, 245 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth

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